Olepangi Farm Illustrated Map


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Digitally illustrated map

Illustration brings a richness and individualism to a brand that few other graphic elements can.


It does require an investment – bespoke illustration takes time and rare skill – but it’s then an asset which can be used time and again throughout a brand, paying for itself over and again.


In this case, whilst the original brief was for a watercolour map of the wonderful Olepangi Farm, we agreed to illustrate it digitally instead, giving us additional options over future use of not just the whole, but also the individual elements of the map. So each house and animal can theoretically be used in isolation to add depth to brochures, websites and any manner of other material.

It also means that it’s possible to add clever animations for digital applications in future; things such as parallax effects, or a slight bounce when you hover over over individual elements. This adds yet further value.

We’re at our very best when we’re in control of both the content (be it illustration, photography or moving image) and websites – the in-house workflow resulting in a seamless product.


We’ve got a number of illustrators here at Silverless, giving us a wide range of styles and options, from digital watercolours, vector illustrations, traditional media, 3D and more. In this case it was our newest recruit Phil, who put the hours in – see more of his work here.

So if you think your brand could be lifted with some carefully planned and beautifully executed illustration, get in touch – we’d love to see what we can come up with.

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