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Rebel Wines - CBD-infused wine in a can

And now for something completely different.

Whilst we’re working on some ongoing large-scale software projects, it’s always great to work on something a bit more lighthearted.

I often bang on about how we do everything in-house – illustration, web design & development, branding etc. etc. We do like that control…

But in the real world we often inherit all sorts of parts of a brand – whether it’s an existing and much-loved logo, a perfectly serviceable website to maintain, or some wonderful illustrations.

That was the case with Fiona’s fantastic paintings, which we enthusiastically incorporated into a design for Rebel Wines‘ new little can designs. We embraced the vibrancy and vintage feel of Fiona’s illustrations, and went for something that we felt would look good together and would catch the eye. This is a fun brand – and the product has to reflect that.

There’s a huge responsibility involved in designing products – success is dependent on whether they have shelf appeal, and that’s very much down to the design and the illustration, but it has to be balanced with adherence to guidelines governing what information is displayed where and at what size. Early indications are that Rebel Wine cans are popular!

At Silverless we have years of experience designing products and brands – taking the first inklings of an idea all the way through to full-scale production.

If you’ve invested time, emotion and money in a product, can you afford for it not to get the attention it deserves? Good design will open doors.

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