The Wiltshire Liqueur Company

The Wiltshire Liqueur Co. has been providing Original Liqueurs to some of the smartest country estates, stylish picnics and fun filled family gatherings since 1993.
Like many of our clients, we have been with The Wiltshire Liqueur Co. since the very start. We devised the whole look and feel of the brand; from logo to label, brochure to website. We created all the illustrations and photography in-house.

Working with Silverless is a total pleasure. Niels has the unique ability to get into your head and work through the muddle of ideas to create a brand that we are truly proud of. It is great to work with someone who not only understands and explains the bewildering choice of print, but can also produce hand drawn art and take incredible lifestyle and product photos for both print and websites. All our projects have been completed to the highest standard, on time and within budget.