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Building a secure client portal

Whilst it’s often our glitzy travel websites that catch the eye; with their stunning, aspirational photography and clean navigation, we’re equally proud of the work we do on more functional sites and web services, where more of the hard work is behind the scenes.

Take this recent client investment portal as an example; the super-slick user interface (UI) masks some serious calculations in the code in the background; drawing together complex data and presenting it in a clear and concise way.

The objective here was to create a portal that would be adopted by a demographic typically wary of online finances.

This was a bespoke build; we designed and built a custom content management system (CMS) with a simple-to-use two-factor authentication login for extra security. The portal was submitted to a third party for certified penetration testing.


Ongoing support, hosting and maintenance

The completed site is securely hosted on one of our premium hosting servers, and we provide timely ongoing support and maintenance through our custom Change Request portal.


UI design & development under one roof

As a case study, this portal development neatly encapsulates the benefits of having the UI design, front-end development and software development under one roof as we do here at Silverless. We are able to very quickly identify any user-experience (UX) wrong turns as we go – avoiding the pitfalls of many portals, where UX can be seen as an unnecessary luxury.

When users enjoy using your website or portal, they will engage with it and invest in your business. At Silverless, we pride ourselves in untangling complex data and UX requirements – creating interfaces that are a pleasure to use and that drive value for our clients.

Seductive dashboards and slick UX design however, are seldom sufficient, so we never forget that portals are workhorses. They provide 24/7 access to complex data for customers who now expect on-demand, detailed and personalised information about the services you’re providing. By offering solid, structured, innovative and beautiful digital solutions, you’re meeting this demand.


Working with Silverless 

If you decide to work with Silverless on your portal, we’ll start by getting to know more about you, your business objectives and your audience. We’ll work closely with you throughout to create a unique portal that enhances your customers’ experience, and adds value to your brand.



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