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An illustrated approach

We’ve just spent the last few months designing, building and illustrating a beautiful new site for Sosian Lodge and Ranch.

Illustrated maps
We felt that an illustrated approach would be the best way to get across the history, beauty and adventure of Sosian, and focused our attention on two maps – one of the whole area, and the other, zoomed in, of the lodge itself.

Whilst it would be foolhardy to actually navigate the expanse of Sosian using our map, it does go a long way to showing potential visitors what adventures lie in store across the conservancy.

Although it is hand-drawn in style, the map was digitally created, which means that not only can it be blown up and printed as a poster, but it can also be easily amended as the lodge evolves.

Hand-drawn sketches
We were keen to let the map’s style permeate throughout the site, so we took illustrations from the map (another advantage of a digitally-drawn map) and used them throughout the website.

It’s a delicate balance using traditional (style) illustration on a website, and technically it also throws up challenges, but when it’s done subtly, we think that it adds a huge amount of character to a brand.

A seamless blend between design, illustration and development
Silverless’ ability to produce these maps and illustrations in-house (as well as both designing and building websites in-house) means that there’s no backward and forwards between illustrators and designers to get things right. The process is much pretty seamless, and the end result more harmonious and natural.

Have a look at the finished site at:


Bringing several of our in-house capabilities to bear on a project is what we love to do best, so get in touch if you’d like us to work on your brand, whether it’s illustration, maps, websites or a stunning brochure.

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