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Swindon Education Trust

Simple is beautiful.

As a studio, we’re known for our work in the travel industry. I’m guilty of perpetuating that – it’s easy to create a bright and vibrant portfolio with the mouthwateringly beautiful photography of an upmarket lodge website. But to turn complex functionality into a simple, easy-to-use website is an art in itself.

The requirement for Swindon Educational Trust‘s website was deceptively complex – multiple membership levels allowing access to different content and different price points. Email reminders fo upcoming courses or for membership renewal are automatically generated at customisable timescales.

Too often we see functional websites resort to staid and rigid design – resource allocated instead to working out the logic behind the interface rather than considering the user. Whether you’re providing an educational facility or an information hub for your members or clients, they are far more likely to engage if they enjoy using your product.


Little touches

We spent time adding little touches – the animated rollovers, the gently changing gradients, the pulsing icons – simple graphic elements which combine to make the site feel cared for and quality.


In-house web design & development

As a case study, this website neatly encapsulates the benefits of considered user experience (UX) with solid logic and clear code. Rather than looking for off-the-shelf templates that get close to clients’ requirements, we build exactly what is needed from the ground up. This delivers a product that is not only unique, but also stable, fast, easy-to-maintain and much more future proof.


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Turning complex data into beautiful simplicity is what we do best, and we’d love to work with you.


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