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How much can you fit on a page?

Sometimes you just need a web presence. Nothing complicated. No tricky functionality. Just an online calling card – something for potential clients to verify you against. Below we discuss a few of the pros and cons of a simple single page WordPress website.

Over the years we’ve built lots of single-page websites that occupy this niche perfectly. Just because it’s a small site doesn’t mean we can’t elevate it through slick design and neat load animations.

We build our bespoke single page websites around a WordPress CMS, which means they are very simple for users to update and edit themselves.

What can you fit on a single-page website?
The simple answer is lots. There’s no technical limit to how far the page scrolls down (though there would be a danger of users becoming bored if it goes on too far). Content that is just two levels deep (ie. intro text > explanatory paragraph) is perfect.

What type of content can you put in?
Generally single-page websites are best suited to small chunks of content – maybe a paragraph or two for each component. Anything more that would typically be better suited to opening up on a new page, and become a completely different beast. We have a few favourite solutions for this – flip cards, ‘read more’ text, expanding boxes, or sideways scrolling content (not always popular!)

What are the advantages?
Cost – the site structure is super simple, which makes it an easier build. 
Mobile use – a single-page site is ideally suited to viewing on a mobile as all the main content is in one scroll. 

SEO & Digital marketing – with just one URL, you can’t specifically target different content, so they aren’t ideal if you’re counting on digital marketing campaigns to drive business to your site.

Here are a few examples of successful single-page websites to inspire you:


Karen Gables


Harriet Parsons

Cotswold Drystone

Sedia Hotel


You can read a little more about the websites we design and build HERE.


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