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Our junior designer Elspeth talks about launching her career in design, a year on from graduation.

I was always taught that to design is to plan. To set out rules and follow them. Grids, guides, spacing and size. Tried and tested methods of designing, not to be strayed from.


This outlook gifted me with a strength for typography and a keen eye for detail, even in the smallest of places. I have to fight my mouse from leaping to the baseline grid button in InDesign. It taught me to be my own worst critic and to always finish a design to the best of my ability. But I found it difficult to push the boundaries of my own creativity.


To be a junior designer in a place such as Silverless allows rules to be broken and lets me view creativity creatively. I am constantly surrounded by fresh ideas, and always have a board to bounce my questions off. Learning new things is on the agenda every day.


Although I have only been working with Niels and the Team for a matter of weeks, the amount I have learnt, not only about the software and seeing examples, but interacting with clients and giving them a personalised experience, inspires me to be the best designer I can be. I hope in the future I can continue to learn and use my skills with a new confidence in trying new ideas!


For those beginning their journey in the design industry, it is easy to be swept into joining big firms, but I would definitely recommend joining a small business first, such as Silverless, to gain creative confidence and realise the power behind your designs.

Take a look at the gallery below for some of Elspeth’s work at Silverless so far…

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