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Understanding the options in print

Honestly, it’s been pretty painful to design this brochure for Aardvark Safaris, stuffed full of stunning photography of places we’d rather be.


Print – still a potent marketing tool

The power of a printed brochure hitting doormats remains such a potent marketing tool – capturing the attention of a carefully-selected mailing list far more tangibly than digital media alone can do.

When designed well – with attention grabbing imagery, and printed well – with specially-chosen paper stock and vibrant colours, a printed brochure is likely to hang around on coffee tables and desks for weeks, far outlasting the hold of an emailer or banner ad.


Myriad print options

Producing a vibrant brochure that feels good isn’t an accident. Natural paper stock is popular at the moment, but it can often suffer from something called dot-gain. Imagine a piece of blotting paper – when the ink hits the surface it spreads. Dot-gain. This has the effect of desaturating the colour and blunting the sharpness of an image.

Depending on the density of ink and the desired finish, you can choose papers specifically designed to reduce this. This is where our long experience with print, and close relationship with a network of printers and paper manufacturers comes into its own.

It’s heartbreaking to see a beautifully designed brochure butchered through poorly-chosen paper or ill-considered cover finishes. This doesn’t mean choosing the most expensive papers and finish. It means understanding the options, understanding the costs, understanding the processes (drying time, cracking, what work is done in-house, what is sub-contracted to specialists) and understanding the brief.


Experience in print

At Silverless, several members of our creative team started their careers in print factories, so we understand the process inside and out. As with everything we do, right from the initial briefing and designs, we’re already considering the constraints and opportunities of the final production.


We’d love to talk to you about how a carefully-planned printed marketing piece can reach new customers for your business.

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