Drone photography brings the opportunity to present familiar subjects in previously unimaginable ways. They have completely revolutionised our work both in stills and film. Read More


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Another perspective

When we started, our aerial photography was from planes, balloons, microlights and helicopters. These days we use drones instead, and they have quickly become an indispensable tool.

Used legally and ethically, drones add an entirely different dimension. Sometimes just a few meters elevation is all that is needed to create a completely fresh perspective to a well-photographed subject.

Other Projects


As e-commerce becomes more and more ubiquitous, so too does the importance of presenting it in the best light. Poorly photographed product...

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Luxury Properties

Silverless has established itself as one of the leading photographers of luxury properties in Africa and beyond.

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We combine an easy-going manner with an inventive technical approach to create stand-out portraits for a wide variety of clients.

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