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Simple single page website

Liddington Hill is one of the most iconic natural landmarks in our local area. For years, after every trip away, as we return to Marlborough down the M4, we know we’re nearly home when we see the little clump of trees on the crest of Liddington.

So when we were asked to design a brand for Ridgeway Barns, a wedding venue at the foot of this famous local hill, it became something of a labour of love.


The brand

We wanted to create a brand that has a hand-crafted, rural feel, but combine it with a touch of elegance. It felt right for a wedding venue. We love the little heart hidden in the boughs of the trees… Such subtleties add depth for those who notice.


Aerial photography

Nestled in the rolling Wiltshire Downs, the setting is breathtaking, so it seemed natural to make aerial photography part of the brand – these are early days for Ridgeway Barns, so the location really is key selling point. Drone photography allows potential clients to quickly understand the setting, and conveniently minimises not-quite-converted venues!


A bespoke website

It’s important to establish a web presence early in any new business venture – it gives people confidence, and it gives you a chance to develop a narrative as you grow. A single-page website was a perfect choice in this instance – providing a simple platform to shout from. The site is mobile friendly and easy for Ridgeway Barns to update themselves.

As well as building websites, we also provide hosting and monthly maintenance packages.


Are you starting a business? 

If you’re starting a new business, and need help establishing your brand, or if you’re an existing business but need to pull your narrative together a bit, we’d love to help.

We have a huge amount of experience hand-crafting brands, building bespoke websites, and going that extra mile with film and photography.


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