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Ewaso Village visit, Loisaba, Kenya

We first visited the Ewaso Village in 2015, when we photographed the (then) new Loisaba Tented Camp. That contact is why we chose to work with this remarkable women’s co-operative when we were looking for someone to make the neck beads for our Silverless Gin project.

Having worked remotely with the ladies, through the unflappable Milly Kwatoa, it was incredible to visit once again, this time see our beads being made first hand.

Using skills learned from their mothers when they were children, these colourfully-beaded ladies sing, laugh and gossip as they do their incredibly intricate work. Many of the ladies come from difficult home-lives, and all are extremely poor, so beadwork provides an essential income for them and their extended families.

To date they have made over 1,000 beaded collars for us.

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