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Pared back e-commerce

We’ve worked with The Gourmet Goat Farmer for a few years, supporting them on an (inherited) previous website, so we had the advantage of understanding where their business came from, and what the pinch points were with their existing website.

Clean wholesome design
We wanted to convey the fact that this is a high-quality, ethical business with the highest standards of animal welfare, and chose to create a clean, crisp site that felt earthy, wholesome and quality.

Logical e-commerce
We looked to create other reasons for users to stay on the site, with recipes and nutritional information linking to the products in a manner which is not only simple for users to follow, but also for administrators to set up. Everything behind the scenes is logical, making life easier for our client to sell online, keep track of stock, orders, and missed purchases.

Mapping the user journey
E-commerce sites vary hugely in complexity, with variables such as shipping costs, duty, product options, weights, quantity and product type affecting the work involved, and if not carefully planned from the start, they can quickly spiral out of control. To this end, we put plenty of time at the beginning of a project to map out the user journey and the structure of the site, whether it’s a complex e-commerce site, or something simpler.

If you’d like to work with us on your online business, please get in contact. Through our in-house photographic studio, we can also support you with product and lifestyle photography to make sure the design of your site and

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