Want to create something moving?

If you have a brand and you want it to move, and move your audience as a result… we can make it happen.

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Why your brand needs to move.

Why invest in a promo video or a cool animated social campaign? What about an explainer video, a 3D visualisation of your product, some titles for your YouTube film or a VR or big screen experience for your next event?

Because there’s a lot of noise out there, and increasingly moving image is the only way to cut through.

Making your brand move is a unique way to communicate; it combines visual creativity with storytelling and creates engaging content that keeps your audience committed.

Motion helps you stand out from the crowd.

Moving images create more impact in less time – they allow you to get your message (both factually and emotionally) across in just a few seconds. Done well, they can convey difficult concepts in a way that static communication simply cannot.

More and more media platforms deliver video….from Tik Tok to traditional TV. People engage with video more than any other medium because it’s captivating and entertaining… and it’s easy. So they are more likely to give you a few seconds of their precious time when your message is easily digestible.


Silverless motion & film design and direction

Our moving design is led by Louisa Fitch, who has been working in the field for 20 years in Los Angeles, London and now with us in Wiltshire.

We work with a trusted band of talented collaborators all over the UK and beyond – we take care of pre-production, video-production and filming, right through to all post-production skillsets such as stop motion, animation, typography, motion graphics, 3D, VR and AR.

We consistently deliver creative projects on time and on budget. So whether you require a mobile promotional app, keynote film, title sequence, promo elements, explainer videos, large screen motion graphics for events, Silverless has the creativity, expertise and experience to create the unexpected.

Working as part of your overall branding strategy, we can target it to the customers you need to attract – from an ambitious high-end promo film to a tiny Tik Tok video – we’d love to get creative and get you noticed.


Check out our showreel below to see what we can do:

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